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Sunday, July 1, 2007

A New Form of Communication

After kicking it around for a few days I have decided that this forum, which is called a "Blog", would provide an excellent way for all of us interested in helping Union Cemetery to Communicate with each other. I intend to set it up so that we can enter comments, link to pictures, share ideas and in general use it to our advantage. Come help me make it grow. If you would like to be a contributor and add articles or information, Please Let me know. We can do that.

You can participate by just reading, by commenting on posts left by others, or you can be an originator, adding posts for others to see. We can use this as a universal contact point for family history, the Cemetery, reunions or anything that is of interest about the Pipes, Harmon and Gray and our many connected families.

But the main focus right now is to get others involved in helping restore and preserve the Union Cemetery in Boyle County. The folks who live near there have patiently done a very good job of maintaining the cemetery over the many years it has been in place. We need to help any way we can.

Right now you can do two things:

1. Please send me an email so that I know your address is correct (I will guard it very carefully)
and let me know if you would like to be a contributor/Poster ( Someone who adds posts here for others to see) Then tell everyone who is interested or connected to the family or the cemetery where we can be found ( the address of this Blog).

2. The idea here is to raise funds to do two things: First is to add a memorial stone in the cemetery that will honor John Pipes Jr. and Mary Morris Pipes. Tara Harl and her Father are heading up that effort. The second goal is to restore or replace the grave markers that have been damaged. The second item infers that we need to map the cemetery. Perhaps that has been done, I don't know. If you know Please tell me about it. I have a list of those buried there but not where they are located.
So this second item requires ideas and follow up. How can we raise awareness and funds? Please think about it and share your thoughts.

Enough for now. I will be posting as we go along.

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Bob Pipes said...

Please don't hesitate to leave ideas, critical comments, encouragement or money! Our heritage is very important and we have to take responsibility for preserving it.
Bob Pipes