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Union Cemetery
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Trip to Kentucky

I am planning on leaving tomorrow (Thursday) for a 4 day trip to Perryville and Danville. I wish it could be 4 weeks instead of 4 days, but if wishes were fishes....
Anyway, I plan to visit with Mike Wilder and make some decisions about the memorial stone on Friday Morning. Then I will spend some time at the cemetery and see if I can find the broken stones for my GG grandfather Nathaniel Pipes and his wife Margaret. If I can find them, I will bring them back to Wisconsin and see if I can get them repaired/restored this winter. I will take some pictures and post them when I get back and should have some cost estimates for the stone to tell you about. My cell phone number (for the 18th to the 20th) is 414-791-9775 for anyone who would like to meet with me (or just talk) while I am there.

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