Union Cemetery

Union Cemetery
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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Financial Support...

I am currently planning my next trip to Kentucky to work on the cemetery mapping. The next step in the process will be to photograph the stones and measure out the locations of each stone in relation to the boundaries. All of this will be added to the database. You can see the database here on the left. Its called "Mapping database". The intent is also to add photos of the person and obits when we can find them.
The current plan is for 3 of my children (2 sons and a wife)from California to fly to Wisconsin, rent a vehicle, load our gear and drive to Perryville. We plan to be there the week of June 1st to the 8th. One of my sons is graduating from UC Berkeley's Journalism Grad school in May. IF he can find Video equipment he will be doing some filming of the cemetery and the area as well.

If you can make it there that week we would love to meet you. We can say hello, talk, work on the cemetery grounds and just have a good time. We can always use an extra hand and there are always things to do there.
Send an email and let us know if you can make it.

I will try to re install the two stones for Nathaniel Pipes and Margaret Harmon Pipes there too, that week.

If you can help with financial support, a donation to help us pay for Gas, vehicle, food etc would be very much appreciated. Use Paypal or send to 1062 S. Knollwood Dr. Saukville, Wisconsin 53080

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