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Union Cemetery
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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

2009 already. For an old guy like me ( I turn 66 this year) it sure seems strange sometimes to be so far from my childhood. Where have the years all gone? Some people can recount everything they have ever done or said, and some spend no effort in restraining themselves from doing so. I find it very difficult to remember my past in great detail. I have snapshots of certain events in my life stored away in some nebulous album in my mind. No amount of pondering seems to tell me why certain things remain and others are gone. Maybe it leaves more room for new memories from the future.
Here is my wish that each of you has a Happy and Prosperous New Year and that 2009 brings more good things into our lives.
If you are a person who makes new year resolutions, this year add a line that says "I will visit the cemetery this year at least once and make a contribution to help keep it in our memory."
A second line might say " I will make an effort to teach my children or grandchildren about who is in the cemetery and maybe leave an image of our heritage in the album in their mind."

My posting on this Blog has been slow lately as I try to finish the office/library area to put all my books and papers in our new place. I will get back to working on the cemetery and a new web site for the family association as soon as I get this done.

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