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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Whitehouse family Follow Up

In response to the post below and an eMail that I sent out, I received the following two emails about the Whitehouse family.

An Email from Carolyn Crabtree (Carolyn is the head of the local History and Genealogy group):

There are Whitehouse descendants all over the county. Have James get in touch with Shirley Sheperson, a Whitehouse descendant and historian in the area. Her phone number is 859-936-2061 and address is 312 Venetian Way, Danville, KY 40422. She has no e-mail, but you might be able to reach her by e-mail at the Forkland Community Center. Their e-mail address there is info@forklandcomctr.com. The person who gets those e-mails will pass them on to Shirley. Shirley helped write the book “Roots, Trunk and Branches” about the Lincoln connection to the Forkland area and the Whitehouse/Sparrow family. There is another entire book about the Whitehouse line that is separate from the main book. It contains more generations about the Whitehouse family. I put that book together myself. Shirley’s mother was Alma Whitehouse who married into the Ellis family. I’m sure she can help your friend and I will be happy to help as well.

Carolyn Crabtree ctree1492 at ctreeacres dot com

an Email from Peggy Edgington: ( Peggy is a Harmon Descendant and lives nearby):

Dear Bob,

There are several Whitehouse families still living in Boyle County. I will note names and phone numbers of some of them listed in the local phone book.

I went to school at Perryville Elementary and Boyle County High with Dennis Whitehouse. Dennis owns Whitehouse Auto Parts and Tires on W 2nd Street in Perryville. His home phone number is 859-332-7250 and business number is 859-332-2171. Dennis has a sister, Cindy, who lives in Danville. Dennis' father was Stanley Whitehouse, deceased. Dennis' mother, Crystal, is still living in Perryville.

I remember some of the following Whitehouse names growing up in Perryville: Allan Whitehouse, phone # 859-332-7003, Godbey Whitehouse, phone #859-236-2426, Kenneth Whitehouse, phone #859-239-0046. There is a Steve Whitehouse listed on Forkland Road in Gravel Switch, phone #859-332-7981. 332 numbers are Perryville, 236 and 239 numbers are Danville. There are a few other Whitehouses listed in the local phone book.

In the Perryville Community History Book, there is a picture of Leslie and Rose Lee Whitehouse with their eleven children, some of whom I recall as a child. They would have been friends with my father. The childrens names were: Godbey, Alfred, Ezra, Bertha, Stanley, Bob, Sadie, J. L., Marshall and Clarence. Another child, Arthur Day, died when he was 15 years old. The children grew up in Perryville. There is also a picture of Marshall and Frances Wilson Whitehouse in the Perryville book.

I hope this will be of some help to Jim Hagan.


Peggy (Harmon) Edgington

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