Union Cemetery

Union Cemetery
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Monday, August 10, 2009

2009 Reunion Photo

Thanks to Peggy Edgington for the info and the picture of the Reunion of Agust 9th, 2009.

Among those who attended the Gray, Harmon, Pipes family reunion, from left are: front row, Gavin Whitehouse, Austin Bodner and Avery Bodner.

second row, Edna Lankford, Marian Gibson, Joyce Cox, Nancy (Don) Freed Lerum, Marcia Curtis and Karen Fulk,

third row, Robert Mayes, Brenda Gray, Peggy Tudor, Tom, Cox, Ken Lerum, Lori Stipe and Peggy Edgington,

fourth row, Jennifer Bodner, Dennis Gray, Ron Tudor, James W. Cox, Jr.,

fifth row, Clay Russell, Bryan Bodner, Mary Rall, Richard Mayes, Mary P. Guerrant and Carolyn Gray Stipe,

back row, Monty J. Bryant III, Monty J. Bryant, Sue Evans and Libby Mayes.

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