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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good News and We Need Your Help

I received this letter today from Robert Mayes. It is the best news I have had in a long time. So many of the stones in the cemetery need attention and he has arranged with someone to start working on them. Great Day in the Mornin'!

Please consider making a donation to the repair fund. It means so much to preserve our heritage. I personally know how hard times are right now for some. But please think about how fortunate we are to have this opportunity. The cost to do this is very reasonable and we need to take advantage of it. Please read on.

Harmon Pipes Gray Family Association 2009
August 12, 2009
Robert Mayes President of the Board

Dear Friends,
The reunion was great. The food was very tasty as always and too much as usual.

Just to keep you updated on what is being done. We (38 members that attended) voted to repair the stones that can be repaired and upright those that are leaning or have fallen. We have about one-half the money to complete this project with 50 stones total [needing repair].

We have a cemetery stone man that will dig footers, pour concrete and set the stones and also epoxy broken stones, if possible, for 25.00 each. We will repair and right the stones as long as we have the money.

If you wish to help in this effort, send a check for $25.00 and mark the memo line “Restore Stones”. If you want to donate to the general fund, mark the memo line with “Upkeep”

Then send to: Old Union Cemetery
P.O. Box 124
Perryville, Kentucky

Many Thanks,
Robert Mayes

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