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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Washington's Birthday

I should have posted this yesterday but did not get it done in time.
George Washington was born on February 22nd, 1732 in the same era as most of our Pipes, Harmon and Gray ancestors who migrated to Mercer, Lincoln and Washington Counties. They served with Washington in the revolution and Kentucky became a state in 1792 while Washington was in his first term as President. Mary Morris Pipes tells the story in her Pension application, filed near the end of her life, how John Pipes met with Washington to discuss his plans to stay with the Continental Army.
George Washington is still a "Larger Than Life" figure in the history of our country and I think it is interesting how families started naming their children in his honor. I have about 20 people in my database files with the name George Washington and probably 50 more with the name George or George W.
Here are just a few of them who are closely connected to our families and the Cemetery.
1. George Washington Pipes b. 1809 to Elizabeth Pipes. He was a grandson of John Pipes, his mother married (2nd) Jacob Harmon. Jacob and Elizabeth migrated to Missouri and George went with them. George married his cousin Mary Pipes in Missouri they had 8 children and many descendants.
2. George Washington Edwards b. 1813, a son of Josiah Edwards and Sallie Wright, he married Isabelle Brown and his brother Josiah Monroe Edwards is in Old Union as well as his niece Josephine Edwards, who is my G Grandmother.
3. George Washington Crain b. 1835, a son of Thomas Underwood Crain, he married Nancy Arnold and is in Old Union. Many of you reading this are related to this George Washington.
4. George Washington Pipes b. 1844, a son of William Pipes and Nancy Gray and grandson of John Pipes. He married Mariah Edwards, had many children and lived just east of the cemetery. He and Mariah and his father William are in Old Union.
5. George Washington Harmon b. 1862, a son of Samuel Henry Harmon and Sarah Shaver, he married Maggie Pirtle and had three children.
6. George Washington Edwards b. 1862, a son of James Franklin Edwards and Martha Walston, he married Annette Lysle. He is a brother to Josephine Edwards Pipes, My G Grandmother.
7. George Washington Crane Jr. b. 1873, a son of #3 above, he married Lucinda Bottom who is in Old Union.

You can see how we have so many strong connections to this man who had such a large and lasting influence on our country, our history and on each of us.

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