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Union Cemetery
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Two Interesting Blogs to visit.

I heard today via email from a cousin of ours. Like me, he is a great grandson of Obediah Brumfield Pipes and Josephine Edwards, who are both in Old Union. This cousin's name is Ross Pipes and he descends from Obediah's son named William Obediah. I descend from Obediah's son named James Franklin. So we are cousins twice removed. Ross grew up in a very close knit family in Indianapolis at the same time I was growing up in Michigan. Lloyd Pipes was Ross' father and Ross has vivid memories of growing up with a man who was truly a great father figure.
Ross sent me a couple of links that I think you may enjoy visiting. Ross has a voracious appetite for good books and good food. And so, one blog is for book reviews that he has written and the other is for recipes from his family and his experience, presented in a very artistic and interesting way. He mixes stories and anecdotes from his childhood memories in with very enticing dishes and pleasing pictures. So visit and then if you are so inclined, send Ross an email and say hello to a cousin. Look around in the recipes to find the stories.

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