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Union Cemetery
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Friday, October 28, 2016

A New Book about the Old Union Cemetery and Church Building

At the Family reunion in August of 2016  A small group of members of the Pipes Harmon Gray family association agreed to take on the fund raising task of writing a book about the Old Union Church and burying grounds in the west end of Boyle County, Kentucky.
We are off and running and need all the help we can get. If you have pictures, information or stories about the old church and those buried there, please consider letting us add that to the book.
The book will be sold with all proceeds going to the family association for cemetery maintenance costs.
We have some pictures of those buried there already:

  1. Rice Harrison (R.H.) Harmon and
  2. his Wife Elizabeth “Bettie” (Gray) Harmon
  3. Elias Hardin Pipes and
  4. his wife  Victoria Hourigan Pipes
  5. Levi Allen Pipes
  6. John “Jackie” Sheperson
  7. Josephine (Edwards) Pipes
  8. John W. Grantland and (he is not buried in Old Union)
  9. his wife Louisa Calvert (She is buried in Old Union)
  10. John Bradford “J. B.” Harmon and
  11. his wife Catherine (Montgomery) Harmon
  12. Iola (Lanham) Young
  13. George Washington Pipes and
  14. his wife Mariah (Edwards) Pipes
  15. Nannie M  Pipes Overstreet (wife of John Caleb Overstreet II) Dau. of Levi Allen Pipes
  16. Nathan Waters Pipes and
  17. his wife Keziah “Kizzie” (Brand) Pipes
  18. Sally Montgomery (Wife of Morris Pipes)
  19. Ansel L. Bandy and
  20. His wife Mary Burgess
    George Washington Crain (Crane) and
  21. his wife Nancy Arnold Crain (Crane)
  22. James Whitehouse and
  23. His wife Agnes Hunn Whitehouse
  24. Susie Pipes Tharp
  25. Her Husband Callon Tharp
  26. Archa Gray and
  27. His Wife Martha Montgomery
  28. Jefferson Taylor Harmon ( Not in Old Union)
  29. His 1st wife Kizzie Whitehouse ( she is in Old Union) 
If you can help with pictures of the old building that would be great. I have all of the old pictures from newspaper articles taken after 1960 but no original pictures of it.

Stories of ancestors who attended services there also are helpful. Please contact me and discuss what I have already and what you may have to add.
email me at pipesb@pipesfamily.com

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