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Union Cemetery
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

AT & T and me... Bah Humbug

I have never had a good relationship with AT & T. They are too big and cumbersome and also impossible to work with. Thankfully, they disappeared from my life when the telephone revolution occured in the 1990s. But now they have re-appeared in the form of Cell phone and internet access companies as they buy their way back into our lives. My Cingular cell phone now suddenly belongs to AT & T. Wonderful!

If you have Bellsouth.net or att.net as your email provider please note that I cannot respond to your emails. AT & T has decided that I am not worthy of communicating with their customers so have rejected all my emails. Why? Who knows? Try talking to them? forgetaboutit.

So don't think I am being snooty or unresponsive, just banned to AT & Ts unworthy list.

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