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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Help Me Identify This Person

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This stone was marked as unreadable in my inventory but after looking at it more closely there are some clues. Can you help me identify this person?
Her first name was 'Roan' and her middle name started with the letter 'D.' She was the wife of: W. Crane possibly, although his last name may be something else, but it sure looks like 'Cran' on the stone. He may have a middle initial there but it is hard to read. The stone is laying flat and is directly west of the cemetery monument way back almost to the fence.
I looked at the unusual first name in the census records and find that the name 'Roan' was not so unusual in the 1800s. Several ladies had that first name in Marion and Boyle counties. She does not appear on any of the previous lists of persons buried in the cemetery.
There was a Roan Crane in the census records from 1870 to 1880 but that was her maiden name. She was the daughter of Nelson Crane. This may be the same person, but I need to find out who she married.
Quite a mystery.
[Update 1] The husband's name on the stone may be Wm Crowdus.
[Update 2] There is an 1860 census family entry in Haysville for William Crowdus b. 1830 and his wife Roan, b. 1839. They have a daughter, Sallie, age 1. So they would have been married in possibly 1858/59. Her stone is of the design popular in the 1860 era. This family does not appear again in the census records. I did find a William Crowdus born in Kentucky and of the same age in 1880 in Ellis Co., Texas. He has a new family.
[Update 3] I believe this may be Roan Gartin, daughter of Widow Sally Gartin of Haysville. (Note that Roan's 1 year old daughter is named Sallie.)I have found no further info on her after the 1860 Census. I am also convinced the name on the stone is W. Crowdus.

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