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Union Cemetery
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Martha Ann Pipes Montgomery

This is a picture of Martha Ann Pipes Montgomery. She is a daughter of Nathaniel Pipes and Margaret Harmon. Her namesake, Martha Kelly sent the photo to me this morning. Martha Ann was married to Allan S. Montgomery on July 3, 1848. She was born about 1822 on a farm just east of the cemetery and about where the Glasscock farm is now located. Allan and Martha had 8 children but 2 of them died in infancy. the others married into the Karrick, Boyd, Cardwell, McElroy and Jackson families.
She was a granddaughter of John Pipes Jr and Michael Harmon.

Can any one help me determine where Martha and Allan are buried or their death dates?
I will continue to look but they are probably in Perryville, Lebanon, Danville or locally.

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