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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Montgomery Family Information

As I have commented here before, I believe the Montgomery family is one of the "Founding Families" of the area around Union Cemetery. The Pipes, Montgomery and Harmon families intermarried several times. Morris Pipes, Martha Pipes, John Bradford Harmon and Catherine Harmon all married into the Montgomery family.
Yesterday I heard from Martha Graham Kelly, who grew up in Lebanon and now lives in Brooklyn, New York. She is a descendant of Martha Pipes and Allen S. Montgomery.
Here is her email to me this morning about her connection to Union Cemetery.

"I came across your Union Cemetery site while casually looking for some information about "Auntie Byron" Cardwell. A note about her just happened to fall out of the family album and I was curious – so I Googled. I was amazed to see so many of my family names pop up on your web site. Martha Ann Pipes Montgomery was my great-great grandmother. I have never met anyone named Pipes!

I can tell you a lot about my direct line and some of the side branches. I also have photographs of many of these people.

Martha Pipes married Allen Montgomery. (I have a note that says he wore long white whiskers and was in the Mexican War.)

Martha and Allen had eight children:

Lily – who married Tom Jackson

Lizzie – married Byron Cardwell

Levi – died in infancy

Isaac– died in infancy

Maggie – married WW (William Wallace) McElroy (this is my direct family – they are buried in Ryder's Hill Cemetery in Lebanon, KY)

Their three children were:


Harvey and Allen (twins)

Martha Montgomery McElroy who married Oliver Gaither Kelly, Jr.

Their two sons were

Oliver Gaither Kelly III

Wallace McElroy Kelly who married Mabel Beatrice Graham

Whose only child was Martha Graham Kelly (me!)

Nannie – who married John Boyd

Billy – who married Adah Carrick

Elias – who married Lite Montgomery

Does this make us first cousins four-times removed?
I live in Brooklyn, New York, but I grew up in Lebanon, Kentucky. Have you seen Myrtledene? http://www.myrtledene.com/ This is a Montgomery home. Lily Montgomery (who married Tom Jackson) lived there, as did her daughter Lillian and HER daughter Lillian. Lillian Campbell Brewer still owns the house, though it's now a B&B.

Martha Kelly

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