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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Michael Harmon Genealogy Report

UPDATE: I corrected some mistakes in the genealogy report today (1/27/10). The children of James Michael Harmon were in the wrong family.
Also, the Report now has the date and time in the page header so you can tell when it was last updated.

Today I am posting a link to a genealogy report on Michael Harmon Sr. and his descendants.
Please thank all those who have helped me gather this information and realize that I still have more details to add. I will continue to update the report as I add information. I also intend to add reports like this on other "Founding Families" from the area near the cemetery and those in the cemetery.


My sources for this have been: Peggy Edgington, Mary Audrey Smothers, Rita Satterly, the books compiled and published by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, Luther Stinson Crain, Lloyd Harmon and Genevieve (Logan) Prather, the census records for Boyle, Washington and Marion Counties and many other Harmon researchers and also the resources of Ancestry.com.

I should emphasize that this type of report always contain errors. I make typing errors or misinterpret the info, etc. I always consider this info Public Property, so use it how ever you please but please check the information against the sources or do your own research to verify before accepting it as "Gospel".

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