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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Genealogy Reports Now Available

Today I am making the genealogy reports from my Master Genealogist Database available for viewing. I will put a link in this post but also add a link to the reports on the left side of the blog. The reports I have now are for the Pipes Harmon Gray families as well as the Crain and Montgomery families. I will add other families in the future but I need to do some more digging to get back to a common ancestor for each family and that means a single man and wife who came to Kentucky between 1780 and 1810 and purchased land in the area of the Cemetery and then intermarried with the families above. Obvious candidates are the Catlin, Calvert, Bottom, Whitehouse and Arnold families and possibly a few others.

The reports are here

You will notice that the same people appear in many of the reports and that is what happens when cousins and families inter-marry and a community develops and remains in place for almost 100 years. The 19th Century is unique in our history and is the foundation which most of us have built our lives upon. That time period seems to me to be so very stable and bears almost no comparison to the explosive changes that occured in the 20th Century. Perhaps I am being naive, but that is what makes the cemetery and the memory of the people who rest there so special.

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Jennifer B said...

Such a lovely sentiment, Bob, and so true. Descendants trying to do genealogical work for the 20th century are going to have a much more difficult time of it, even with greater technological resources. Thank you so much for all your work for the Cemetery and its people!