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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Catlin Family

There are two families in Old Union Cemetery that have intrigued me for some time now. William Davis Catlin and his brother Commodore Perry Catlin are brothers and sons of John T. Catlin. William's wife was Mary Calvert and Perry's wife was Nancy Abigail Harmon.
The Catlin Family first came to the area in 1789 when Seth Catlin relocated from Delaware and brought his family and quite a few other families along. Seth acquired about 350 acres of land on Lick Run just north and west of old Haysville. Seth's son Theodore was the father of John T. Catlin and the property stayed with his descendants well into the 1900s.
You can see the genealogy report for Seth Here.

It took some luck and some great research and a great deal of help from others to bring this all together. We have Wills for Seth and John T., Census data, and some great research by a guy named Gary Young from Maryland who used the tax lists of Washington/Marion Counties to prove the connection between Theodore Catlin and his son John T. Catlin.

Rita Jane Satterly , who is a descendant of this family, found very critical data in the Courthouse in Springfield and added much of her own family information to help us fill out the picture of these two brothers. They intermarried with the Harmon, Gray, Hundley, Calvert and Edwards families as well as many others from the area.

And finally, a lady I have not met, except via email, named Irma Bradley supplied us with the copies of the wills which were key to proving all these connections.

As always, let me know if you see errors or if you would like copies of the wills etc.

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